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Terrific tahini

Carley’s of Cornwall started in 1974 as a family-run wholefood shop named ‘The Granary’ in Truro. Initially, they made small batches of nut butters and mustard to sell to their customers but over the years they gradually expanded until they became ‘Carley’s’ in 2003 and moved into their first factory unit. Nowadays, they continue making their top-quality products in a self-renovated, net zero factory in their home village of Chacewater, which is fitted with roof mounted photo-voltaic panels and micro wind turbines. In fact, annually they generate more green electricity than they use. You can even track their usage here.

Carley’s offers a range of 100% organic nut and seed butters and advocates whole-heartedly for organic farming. Their founders Shirley and John Carley are dedicated to their ethos, so much so that nearly all their butters are made purely of nuts; free from palm fat, emulsifiers, refined oil, sugar, salt, gluten or anything artificial, which is one of the many reasons why we are so happy to stock their products.

Their organic nuts are imported from only high-quality, sustainable vendors. This ranges from walnuts from Moldova and Poland to cashews from Sri Lanka and Vietnam (never air freight). The nuts they use the most of however are almonds, which are sourced completely raw from both Valencia and Sicily. Each supplier also uses independent laboratory checks to ensure no GM or pesticide contamination. In fact, nearly all these nuts are sent to Carley’s totally raw, although cashews always go through a brief heat treatment to get rid of an acrid oil found inside the shell.

Another thing we love about this company is their support of local communities. Their sesame seeds, for example, are sourced from an organic grower’s co-operative called Selet Hullings in Ethiopia. This initiative started as a project to create high-income jobs for local farmers and reduce the environmental impact of sesame seed farming by using dry hulling, which requires a lot less water than wet hulling.

Hummus made by Lily using their light tahini!

Amongst the products we stock at Smaller Footprints, we have 3 different types of their tahini: Organic Dark Tahini, Organic Light Tahini and Organic Raw Dark Tahini. Both the Organic Dark Tahini and the Organic Light Tahini are lightly roasted, whereas the Organic Raw Dark Tahini is kept au naturel. The difference between light and dark tahini is that the light variety is roasted without the shell (hulled), making it creamier and sweeter, and the dark tahini is roasted with the shell on, giving it a deeper and more bitter flavour.

We currently also have a variety of nut butters and mustards: Organic Coarse Grain Mustard, Organic Cashew Roasted Nut Butter, Organic English Mustard, Organic Sunflower Roasted Seed Butter, Organic Almond Butter and Organic Raw Pistachio and Brazil Nut Butter.

Come and find your Carley’s products in-store today!

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