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Anti-waste, non-toxic oven cleaning

Sorry to have kept you on tenterhooks for this one… how to clean your oven without using products that are rife with hazard warnings!

A safe, less environmentally harsh alternative is to use water, bicarbonate of soda and (optionally) vinegar.

Water mixes into bicarbonate of soda with a significant and safe sizzle. Mix to form a paste slightly wetter than that pictured below and apply generously to your oven.

Leave for 10 mins before returning with a mildly abrasive sponge / scourer. If your oven is quite grubby elbow grease will likely be needed.

Vinegar helps with the cleaning and is most easily applied if you have an old mini-sprayer that can be re-used:

I can’t bring myself to show you the ‘before’ picture but it was far worse than it should ever have been allowed to get, and now you can actually see through the glass :-)

Both bicarbonate of soda and vinegar can be bought in bulk so that you don’t need to buy any more single-use packaging.

Smaller Footprints sells bicarbonate at the same price as the cheapest option at Sainsburys, £5 per kg (you wouldn’t need that much).

And White Vinegar, the cheapest of all our cleaning products, at £1.50 per kilo which is cheaper than from Sainsburys.

Wow, how to sign-off on such a topic *hysterical emoji*. Happy cleaning, I guess.

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